The Mind Shift Part 3: Putting in the Work

Tomorrow, it  will be a month since I have graduated from college!!! Although I miss my dorm room, friends, and extra curricular activities, I will not miss any of the school work- especially not those dreaded group projects. When the term “group project” is mentioned, I’m sure the first thing all of you think of is that one group member who did absolutely nothing. I know it used to drive me insane when I would work my behind off to get a good grade on a group project while other group members put in little to no effort. They weren’t willing to put in the work, but wanted to get a good grade on the project. Sure, they were there to help make plans for the project, but when it was time to do the actual work, they were gone. Luckily for me, most of my group projects were based on everyone’s efforts. If you didn’t put in the work, you didn’t get the good grade.

Honestly, many of you are probably like those other group members when it comes to your dreams and goals for your life.Take a moment and think of all of the great ideas you have had or things you have wanted to do, but didn’t pursue them past making plans? I’m sure for a lot of you, that list is more than you can count on one hand! Why didn’t you ever complete those things? Too little time? Too little resources? Nope- too little effort.

“Everyone wants to be a Diamond, but very few are willing to get cut.” -Tishina Anderson

 I’m sure a lot of you have had great intentions when you first start putting your dreams into motion, but when it’s time to move past the planning and brainstorming stages, you aren’t interested in putting in the work!  It’s very easy to confuse “activity with productivity” and “movement with achievement”. What success coach Darren Hardy meant when he said this was that people often confuse the talking, planning, and brainstorming phase of achieving a goal or pursuing an idea with the actual execution phase. Yes, you may be “busy” planning and brainstorming your idea, but that’s all you’re doing-planning and talking about it, not making it happen. When you AIM AIM, AIM, AIM, and NEVER FIRE, you’re not going to achieve ANYTHING. There has to be an execution at some point! Plans are part of the process. That means that something else must be done to complete the process-you have to move past the talking and start the doing. With that being said, let’s figure out what else is stopping you from moving to the next stage of pursuing your dreams.If you’ve been reading all the blog posts in this series you already know the answer…

Your mindset.

When you think of a new idea or a dream you want to pursue you get excited- we all do!! You start thinking about what your life will be like when you’ve finally achieved that goal, or when you’ve finally made your dream come true, and there is nothing wrong with that! Like I said on Friday, it’s great to see value in your dreams and to know that your dreams can be a reality, but you can’t just focus on that and forget about the most important part- putting in the work to get to that point.You get so caught up in the “when” that you forget “what” you have to do to and this causes a distraction. You want to see the end results and achievements RIGHT NOW, and when you don’t see them right away, you get discouraged and quit. However, dreams and goals take time and effort to achieve. Everything requires an investment-whether it be money, time, or hard work. Unfortunately, you won’t see that you have to make that investment if you’re too busy focusing on the outcome and being impatient. Use the outcome as a motivation, not a distraction. If you want to achieve your goals, pursue your dreams, or be the best you can be, focus your mind on the work and time you have to put in. Otherwise, all you’ll be doing is looking and thinking about your dreams and not living them!

Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock you can be a diamond. However, the only way to become a diamond is by getting cut- you’ve got to put in the work!

Be on the lookout for my next blog post on Wednesday,  The Mind Shift Part 4: The Opinion of Others.

-Kayla ❤



2 thoughts on “The Mind Shift Part 3: Putting in the Work

  1. Hello Kayla! Your Facebook friend “Shenelle M. Love” here showing your blog love and wanna let you know that I absolutely love the way you think! You are speaking nothing but the truth and I’m so glad to have found you outta nowhere in a fb group who views life the same way I do. Continue to shed your light to the world and be that mind-opener for those who feel like they are in bondage! You are an inspiration, you are AWESOME!!! LOVE IT! ❤

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