Pruning Season

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in an apple orchard, and every spring, my dad would start the grueling job of pruning the apple trees. Pruning is the process of removing dead,unproductive, and obstructive branches from a tree to help promote new, healthy growth! Although it is a difficult process, in order for our trees to produce large, beautiful apples, it must be done every year. I used to hate to see my dad out there on the ladder cutting down all those branches from the trees, but in the fall, when the trees  would be full of big, red and yellow apples, I knew it was all worth it to him!

Let’s pretend you all are trees.

Think of yourself as an apple tree for a minute. Are there any branches on your tree that can possibly prevent you from growing? Maybe one is that bad habit you have of making excuses for why you can’t pursue your dreams. How about those friends of yours with their bad influence and negative attitudes. Perhaps one is your inability to stop wasting money buying frivolous things.

Everybody got their list? Let’s grab those pruning shears!

If there is anything in your life that will or already does prevent you from achieving growth or pursuing your dreams cut it away! Whether it be a bad habit, bad situation, or even a friend or family member, if it’s unproductive, obstructive, or just straight up dead, it’s time to remove it from your life. I know this process may be hard for some of you to do- especially when it comes to friends and family, but in order for you to grow, this pruning must be done. The picture above shows the apple trees at my house before, during, and after pruning. In the first picture, the trees are filled with a bunch of crazy branches. The middle picture is during the pruning process, and as you can see, the trees are already starting to blossom. Of course, the last picture shows the tree full of beautiful yellow apples after the pruning process is complete.

From the picture it is evident that the process of pruning produces beautiful results that not only can be applied to plants, but to your life as well! This week, I challenge you to start your pruning process. Find all of the dead branches in your life, whether they be people, situations, or parts of yourself, and cut them away. Although the process may be a little hard, you will start to see the results not after the process is complete, but during the process as well. You will start to see growth, and by the end you will be flourishing with success and happiness!

Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be a diamond! Start your pruning season now!

-Kayla ❤







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