You DON’T really want Success

From the time I was 13 years old in 8th grade until I graduated high school, I ran Varsity Track for my high school track team in Hannibal, NY. During my five years of running varsity track, I was blessed to be able to go to the State Qualifying track meet three of those five seasons. Every year, there was a young runner from a school near Albany who was so fast and unstoppable that would beat all of us in the 100m sprint. No one was ever able to beat her, and one year, a group of us girls got together to ask her what she did to get so fast, and after whooping our tail in the 200m as well, she sat down to tell us.

A strict diet and intense training seven days a week were amongst her tips for success, and each year, I always said:

“Next year, I’m going to do that. I’m going on a strict diet with no junk food, no soda, and no sweets, and I’m going to train every day. I’m beating her this year.”

I always started off my season saying this, and as the season moved forward, I slowly fell away from doing what I had to do to be successful. I would find myself saying I want to win, I want to beat this girl, I want to get faster. I was so determined and so passionate about doing this, but I would find myself eating chips after practice, going to Kim’s to get ice cream, sleeping in on the weekends rather than getting up.

I didn’t really want success.

Every year, I made a declaration to follow the system and tips for success that were given to me, but I didn’t really want it. Yes, I would get frustrated after each state qualifying meet, because I didn’t win, but if I had really wanted to be successful, if I had really wanted to get faster, if I had really wanted to win, I would’ve been training seven days a week and following the diet regimen I needed to follow, but did I do that? No. Did I have success? No. Did I want success? No.

When it comes to some of your goals and dreams, a lot of you claim you want to be successful, but you really don’t. You will have all of the tools, systems,mentors, support, and motivation in the world right in your lap as I did, but you won’t use them, you won’t follow them, and you won’t listen to them. Someone or something will show you exactly what you need to do to be successful, but instead you play with their advice and  tools for success by not listening,by half doing things, or by not doing anything at all. Then after you don’t see success, you get frustrated and mad at everyone and everything. However, the only person you should be mad at and blame is YOURSELF.

Success isn’t going to be handed to you in a basket. No one is going to do the work for you, and when you’re in a position to be successful and you play with it, or throw it away, then you don’t really want to achieve your dreams or goals.

This week, I challenge you to take a look at your dreams and goals, and decide if you’re really serious about achieving them. If you are really serious about your success, take a look at what you’re doing to achieve those goals. Are you using the tools you are given? Are you following the system you have been given? Are you listening to your mentors or others who have already been successful at what you’re trying to do? If the answer to any of those questions is a “no”, then you need to make a change- especially if you  really want to be successful, because a “no” to any of those questions indicates otherwise.

Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be a diamond.

-Kayla ❤



7 thoughts on “You DON’T really want Success

  1. Hey Kayla!

    Killer post – totally true. I took part in a life coaching program last year and, while I accomplished a ton of my objectives and goals, there were just some things I didn’t take ANY action on or make ANY progress on! I wasn’t committed and I didn’t want success that bad for those goals.

    Ever heard of Eric Thomas?
    He’s probably the most “in your face” coach I’ve ever come across. I love listening to his stuff when I’m slacking. Get’s me into action FAST!

    I’m really inspired by your vision of becoming a motivational speaker and non-profit founder. Incredible stuff! Let me know if you want to talk sometime – I’d love to hear more in depth about your vision!


    Btw, how do you monetize your blog, if at all?

    P.S. Check this quote: “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”


    1. Hey Ben,
      Thank you so much for reading my blog, I am glad to know I am inspiring others with my experiences and vision! I actually had the honor of listening to Eric Thomas live this past January in Tampa Florida, he is quite amazing. Feel free to email me, and we can talk mire in depth!! (Sorry for responding so late, I must’ve overlooked your comment :/)


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