Helicopters and Boats

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for reading, sharing, and supporting my blog. I really appreciate it! To piggy back off of my previous blog post “You DONT really want Success”, I want to start off this week’s post with a story.

For the past seven or so years, I have helped out with the Primary Class (children ages 7-10) at my church. Right around Christmas time, I remember one of my students coming to class complaining about how they didn’t eat breakfast and that they were starving. Here’s an idea of how the conversation went:

Child: “I’m starving, do you have any snacks? I have to eat something!”

Me: “I have some goldfish, animal crackers, and water- do you want some?”

Child: “I don’t want that! You don’t have any fruit snacks or juice?”

Me: “No, I don’t.”

Child: “Well, I don’t want that.”

Me: “Well, I guess you aren’t staving then.”

Similar to this young child, a lot of you have this same conversation when it comes to the situations in your life that you don’t like or want to change. You all TALK about what you don’t like and what you want to change in your life. You complain about things like your job, money, time, health, weight etc, on a daily basis and wish that something would happen to make those parts of your life better. Then, when something falls into your path that could potentially help you with those situations or problems, you fail to embrace it or even acknowledge it. You suddenly become content with your bad situations or too good to try something that could actually help you. You say things such as:

“Oh no, that’s not something I would want to do. What would I look like doing something like that?”

“That doesn’t look like it can help me. (I really don’t know anything about it or if it can help me, but I just know it’s not for me).”

” I want to keep waiting to see if something else comes up.”


Let’s say that you were stranded on an island. Your biggest concern would be getting off the island right? If a helicopter landed on the island, you wouldn’t say “that’s not how I want to be rescued”,or “I want to wait for a boat to come”. You would go over to the helicopter to see if it could rescue you because you want to get off the island because you’re desperate to get off and get to safety! However, I feel like some of you DON’T WANT to get off of the islands you’re stranded on in your own lives. It’s almost like you WANT to be stuck in the bad situations and DON’T want to change the negative aspects of your life. You wait for a boat when a helicopter is sitting right in front of you, but for some reason you think you are too good to get on the helicopter. Different people and opportunities may pop up in your life, and they may be exactly what you need, but because of your pride, you ignore them, sneer at them, or “somehow just know” that they aren’t what you need.

Some opportunities for success and change only come once in a lifetime. When you’re in a situation that you don’t like or can’t seem to get out of, and possible solutions surface, embrace them! Sure, it’s possible that those things may end up not being of any help to you, but how will you ever know that if you don’t even check them out? This week, I challenge you to first of all STOP complaining about your situations.Think of all the different opportunities and people that you have been exposed to that could have potentially eradicate all of those things you complain about. If you failed to try something or let someone help you, go back and take a second look at those things or people. Whether they be a mentor, new job, business, exercise plan, meal plan, or what have you, at least try them. You never know, the answer to all your problems and the keys to your success could be right there sitting next to you. Don’t let your pride get in the way of your progress.

Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be diamond.

-Kayla  ❤