Success Starts from a Seed

Hello everyone! I apologize for not putting out a new blog post in a few weeks- I’ve actually been working on my own dreams, and that has been taking up a lot of my time! I can’t write these blog posts week after week without implementing them into my own life right? Anyways, I’m sure you are all excited about how nice the weather has been lately, and probably can’t wait for summer! I know I can’t wait for the beach, warm weather, fresh cut grass, barbecues, and.. gardening!

 Every year, since I was a child, my family has always planted a garden full of fruits and vegetables (as you can see in the photo above). One of my favorite gardening traditions is going out into the garden with my mom with no shoes on and bringing all the fruits and vegetables in the house. Once our produce begins to grow,  it seems like we are going out into the garden every other day to bring things in (especially squash). It’s truly fascinating and exciting to see how fast the plants grow and how big and beautiful they become. 

Although it’s really exciting to see how big and beautiful garden grows every summer,  it is important to remember that the garden doesn’t become like that overnight-the fruits and vegetables started out as seeds that had to be planted. You can’t just expect a seed to turn into a beautiful tomato plant or a flower without planting it right? Seeds have to be planted into the ground and cared for in order for them to grow into the big beautiful garden we see every year.  It’s the same way with our dreams!! We can’t just expect them to come true or  become reality without working for them and investing in them. 

Dreams don’t come fully assembled.

When we have a dream or goal in mind, the desired outcome or fulfillment of that dream doesn’t just fall from the sky. Usually, an idea or opportunity comes about that is supposed to help you fulfill that dream or goal. When my family buys vegetable seeds at the market, we know that we have to plant the seeds in order to get the vegetables- they don’t just show up. However, a lot of you think this way about dreams. Most of you fail to see the ideas or opportunities that you have in your life that are supposed to help you achieve your dreams because you are looking for the end result already. You are waiting for your dreams to just show up

Success comes from a Seed.

Plants do not come without planting seeds, college degrees do not come without going to college, and  fulfillment of dreams do not come without a decision. You cannot expect to see success or fulfillment of our dreams without first deciding to make your dream a reality, working to make it a reality, and committing to making it a reality. Success comes from a decision and a declaration- success comes from a seed. You have to decide to take opportunities and ideas that will help you fulfill our dreams, and execute them. You have to decide to make your dreams a reality. Just like my family has to decide plant the collard green seeds to get collard greens, you have to plant the success seeds to get success. 

This week I challenge you to plant your seeds. Take any ideas and opportunities in your life that will help you achieve your dreams, and decide to put them into motion. Make your dreams and success a reality today! Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be a diamond. See you all soon!! Next week I’ll be in San Antonio,Texas planting more of the seeds to my success.

-Kayla ❤ 




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