Put your Pride Away!!

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday- I know I did! Aside from eating 50 plates of food and decorating the Christmas tree, every year, my mom and I have a tradition of going Black Friday shopping together. This year,while shopping at Target, we saw a woman who was trying to buy a giant television. She was a very small lady and trying to carry the television was nearly impossible for her. A few customers and store associates offered her help numerous times, but she rudely declined each time even though it was clear she needed help and clear that she wanted help. Unfortunately for her, she ended up dropping the television, but luckily a man was there and was able to help prevent it from falling on the floor. The lady then rudely thanked him for helping her. The man proceeded to ask,

“Why didn’t you just ask for help?”

Annoyed she responded,

“I don’t need to ask for help. Everyone saw me struggling and no one bothered to help me.”

I could not believe my ears after hearing her say this! There were people offering their help to her left and right, but she refused their offers even though she wanted people to help her! This my friends is called PRIDE! Not the positive, healthy pride that one may have in themselves, but the “stubborn suffer in silence”, “impertinent” pride. She almost lost her television because she was too proud to ask for help, or to accept the help she was offered! Like this wonderful little lady, a lot of us let our pride get the BEST of us at the WORSE possible times as well! Especially when it comes to our dreams and goals!

A lot us have goals, dreams, and things we aspire to do and become. When it comes to our dreams, goals, and aspirations we don’t always know exactly what we’re doing or how difficult things might be. Sometimes, we don’t even know where to start! For some people this is a no brainer-they immediately ask for help and guidance! However, for other people, they refuse to ask for help! They will sit there and forfeit their dreams and goals because they are too prideful to ask for help, get information, and accept guidance. They refuse to let people know they even want to pursue their dreams. They know they need help, they know they’re curious, and they know they really want to pursue their dreams, but their pride gets in the way.

Pride Prevents Progress!

Although some of us feel like we’re too good to ask for help or too good to ask questions, we are really holding ourselves and our dreams back with our pride! Asking questions, being curious, and accepting guidance and help doesn’t make you inferior! It doesn’t make you stupid, and it doesn’t make you less than you are! It allows you to progress! It allows you to grow! When you have a dream or goal that you are passionate about, you would do anything to make that dream a reality! Nothing would stop you from being successful, nothing would stop you from winning!

Today, I challenge you to put your pride away! Go for your dreams even if that means asking questions, learning something new, and accepting help from others! If your pride prevents you from progressing, if your pride prevents you from following your dreams, then I challenge you to check your PASSION. Without passion you have nothing! don’t forget that!

Remember, you don’t have to be average you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be a diamond!

-Kayla ❤








2 thoughts on “Put your Pride Away!!

  1. I was told by a Deacon in my church that’s it’s one thing to be a proud independent black woman, but it foolish to let ur pride get in the way of happiness, asking for help or even doing something for others. U can be proud n have pride, but it’s foolish pride that gets in the way of u succeeding..js


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