Are you Ready for Success?

Hi everyone!!! I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves during this holiday season! I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already, and that the new year is right around the corner. I must say, 2015 has been an AMAZING year for me, and because of all the hard work I’ve done, I will tell you that a lot of big things are already in the works for this blog for 2016, as well as for a lot of other things I’m working on as well.  A lot of new opportunities, growth, and most of all success is ahead of me, and I’m sure the same things are in the plans for a lot of you as well. However, are we really ready for success? Do we know what that even means? This week, while thinking about the things that are about to happen for me in a few months, I really started to wonder if I was.

Success is a Process

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For those of you who are fans of the Hip Hop genre of music, I’m sure you are very familiar with Dj Khaled. Dj Khaled released an album called Suffering from Success in 2013. I was intrigued by the name of his album, so I did some research to see what he had to say about it. During an interview for his album, Dj Khaled explained the concept behind “Suffering from Success”.  He defined it as the stress, struggle, trials, and tribulations that people have to endure on the road to becoming successful, and that it’s important to realize that there’s a lot that comes with becoming successful in the first place. While watching this interview, I thought “wow, this pretty much sums up all of my blog posts for the year”. In all of the blog posts I’ve  shared these past 12 months, I’ve talked all about how to achieve success, and how to pursue your dreams. From your mindset, to investing in yourself, to commitment, to the “suffering from success” that Dj Khaled talks about, all the way to the passion and belief you must have in yourself. It made me realize that success is a process, and that it’s a process that doesn’t end even after you’ve achieve success- something I hadn’t thought about.

What happens after you’ve achieved success?

So as you already know, success is a process. There’s the mindset, hard work, and commitment and all the other things I talked about in all my blog posts that pertain to the road to becoming successful. However, what about the other part of this process? That’s what I was missing. When Dj Khaled talked about Suffering from Success, he focused on the suffering you endure before you’ve become successful and the suffering you endured as you were becoming successful, and that’s what my blog has focused on too. However, what about the suffering that you endure while being successful? What does it look like? Does it even exist? I hate to say it, but yes, it does exist, and if you aren’t aware of it, you won’t be ready to deal with it. So, for those of you who are on the road to success or are thinking about it, I  thought I’d share what I thought to be some of the most common ways you can still indeed “suffer from success” even after you’ve achieved it.

1.People change

When you become successful, no matter what it is you’ve done,  you’re going to run into changes in the people around you. You may gain some haters. There’s always someone who’s going to be “salty” at the fact that you’re doing better than them. Some people may come out of the wood work. Now that you’ve got money, or have lost weight, or whatever it is that you’ve achieved people who could have cared less about you yesterday, are suddenly concerned today. You may run into intimidation. People who were super confident and comfortable around you before,  may feel intimidated, inferior, nervous, or embarrassed to be around you now that you’re successful.

2.You change

In most cases, success causes changes within yourself. Most times these changes are good, but they can also be bad. You may have a new outlook on life, a new mindset. You may change the places you shop, the food you eat, the people you associate with, the things you do. However, you may begin to feel haughty and better than others- larger than life. You may refuse to help those who are striving to do what you did, to achieve their dreams. You may forget about the people who were there for you when you were still pursuing your dreams, and struggling to win. You may forget how you had to suffer for success and make it from the bottom to the top.

3.You become the center of attention

Sometimes your success puts you in a position where you have to maintain a certain image and constantly be in the public eye. Everyone is watching your every move, criticizing your decisions, reading into everything you say, and following every step you take. How are you going to handle that? For some people, this isn’t a problem, but for others, it can be very hard to deal with.

4.You fail to realize when enough is enough

Once some of you get a taste of success, you become addicted to it. However, this addiction to success isn’t always a healthy one. Whether it’s money or a new job, or fame, or what have you, you find yourself never being satisfied. You find yourself wanting more and more to the point where it’s detrimental to you , others around you, and your current success. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve as much as possible- the sky is the limit. However,  it can become problematic if you become greedy and take it too far.

5.You start feeling like it’s too much

Often times with success may come many new responsibilities- more than you were planning on. Juggling this and everything else I just mentioned above along with maintaining time for you, your health, and your well being can pose quite the challenge for some people. Sometimes, too much of a challenge to handle alone. Success comes with a lot at times, and if you aren’t sure how to handle that, you may find ways to handle it that aren’t in the best interest of you or anyone for that matter.

Success is like Opening Pandora’s Box

I don’t want any of you to think that there’s nothing good about achieving your dreams and being successful. Following your dreams is one of the best decisions you can make in life-That’s what this whole blog is about! However, I just want you to think about what you’re fully stepping into when you decide to  follow your dreams. Success is like opening pandora’s box. Once you open it, there is no going back, and you have to be prepared for what may or may not happen. You have to be okay with the fact that it may be perfectly fine, or that it may be really hard and scary. You have to understand that your life is going to change. The things you do may change, the people you’re around may change- you’re going to change. None of us really knows what the future holds for us, and we can’t control it. However, there is nothing wrong with preparing yourself. This week, I’m challenging all of you to really be aware of what comes with following your dreams, and to really think about if you’re fully prepared for what that could mean for you and your life. Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary, you don’t have to be a rock, you can be a diamond. I hope you have a Happy New Year! ❤

-Kayla ❤



4 thoughts on “Are you Ready for Success?

  1. Just like you, things are looking good for me in the coming months and I’ve always thought on how I’ll combat the reality of being successful. I think Kendrick Lamar answered this best on his latest album with the track entitled “Momma”. He speaks about coming back home after achieving great success and that there’s nothing better then home. Being near family brings one to be centered and “normal”. Well at least for me 🙂 Great post!

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