Success and Skeletons

While I was in the mall returning something earlier this week,  I overheard two women chit- chatting about one of their friends who was getting married. I knew I should have stopped eavesdropping, but I couldn’t resist after hearing what they were talking about! One of them was very excited that their friend was getting married, and began talking about all of the success, happiness, and accomplishments that her friend and soon to be husband had achieved together, and how much she admired them. After listening to this, the other friend said:

“Yeah, I agree, but remember how he cheated on her like five times? And how much they used to fight, and how they lived in that dirty one room apartment ? What a hot mess!”

Fortunately for this bride to be, she did not have to hear these things that were being said about her, but for some of you, the skeletons and bad situations of your past are continuously held over your heads-even in the midst of your success.  Let’s be honest, all you have made your share of mistakes, have been in situations that you aren’t proud  and have done some things that you are ashamed of. However, a lot of us have over come those situations, have moved on to accomplish many great things and have gotten to  good places in our lives. With that being said, why are we constantly reminded of where we used to be?

Does Success have Skeletons?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. For every good thing that someone has to say about you, there is a bad thing that someone else is saying. As sad as this is, this is life. No matter how successful you may  become or how much you have grown and evolved into an amazing person, your skeletons are going to be thrown from the closet and into the public eye. Why does this happen? Is it because people are out to get you? Maybe. Or is it because people genuinely dislike you? Perhaps. These are probably very valid and true reasons however, skeletons and dirty laundry are often aired when people are intimidated by your success or insecure about their own situations- and skeletons might I add. If you notice in my story above, one woman was talking about the bride to be’s accomplishments and success while the other talked about her skeletons and dirty laundry. If they were talking about her success, then why was the one friend so quick to bring up her skeletons? These two things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another…or do they?

Spin It and Own It

For a lot of you, your past situations, mistakes, and skeletons have helped shape you into the amazing, successful person you are today- I know that’s true for me! Sometimes it takes falling down, making bad decisions, and hitting rock bottom to put you in a position to learn, change, and grow. We all know that we’ve got skeletons in the closet, so when they’re brought to light, spin it and own it. When someone tries to use your skeletons to bring you down, tell them how they brought you up! When they try to use your skeletons to show when you slipped up, tell them how your skeletons show your growth. When someone brings up where you used to be tell them,

“Yes, that’s where I USED to be, but I USED where I USED to be to get me where I am today!”

This week I challenge you to spin it and own it when they talk about you!Tell them to focus on where you are now, and not where you used to be. Tell them that you’re skeletons  showed you the way to success- your skeletons show your growth! Oh, and ask them why they’re in you’re closet looking for your skeletons, when they should be worrying about their own! Remember, you don’t have to average you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be a Diamond!

-Kayla ❤





20 thoughts on “Success and Skeletons

  1. Such a beautiful post. I think we’d all either like to forget about our skeletons or pretend they don’t exist. However, this post helped me realize that I need to embrace those skeletons for they helped me grow to the person I am now.

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  2. What a great post! Isn’t it funny how easy it is to think of all the negative, and hard sometimes to focus on the good and positive? It takes daily practice, but it is definitely possible to move from those toxic thought patterns to positive ones. I’m glad I chose to learn from my skeletons and use them to propel me into where I want to go. I will continue to “spin it and own it” in 2016 and beyond!

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