Rider or Passenger? Know the Difference

My love, Caleb and I ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤  For those of us who are celebrating with our special someones today, it is important that we take time to be thankful to have a person who cares about us, loves us, and supports us.  For the past four 1/2 years, I have been dating a wonderful man of God, Caleb who has stood by my side in every season of my life. From good times to bad times, he has been my best friend, partner, and biggest supporter. Last year, we turned our lives upside down to follow our dreams, and to be honest, neither one of us knew what we were getting into. It was a major risk, that we knew could be super amazing or super disastrous to our lives, both individually and collectively. In fact, we made some decisions and endured some situations that some couples would probably break up over, but luckily for us, we were both 100% supportive of each others’ dreams and were willing to take this crazy ride together. I am so blessed to have such a supportive partner who believes in my passion and dedication the same way I believe in his. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have this mutual support-especially when it comes to following your dreams.

Who’s in your car? A rider or a passenger?

For some of us following our dreams, we are taking a huge risk. We are doing something that a lot of people would consider crazy, unrealistic, and illogical. We are  putting everything on the line to pursue a passion, but at the end of the day, that is why we are doing it- passion. In pursuing it, we look for support from those who are important to us. We are looking for them to support us, to believe in us, and to stick with us through every part of this new journey- we are looking for a rider.

A rider supports your dream, no matter how risky or crazy it may seem. They tell you their honest opinions about your decisions, and vow to support you in any way they can. When the road gets crazy, they stay along for the ride with you because they believe in your passion and believe in your dreams. They don’t secretly envy your success and genuinely hope the best for you. They are patient with you while your are on your journey to success, and don’t walk away when they feel like the process is taking too long. They are not trying to advance their own motives, but are there for you because they genuinely care about you and your desires. A rider is excited for you, and happy to be a part of your journey.

As I said, things are not always going to be cut and dry when you’re following your dreams. There are going to be a lot of crazy situations and hard times, and someone who is not there for the long run is going to disappear at the first sign of this. A passenger is someone who says they’re going to be there through thick and thin, but begin to “thin out”, when things get thick. They don’t really support your dreams, they don’t really believe in you, and they aren’t trying to stay around while you’re in your “building stages”. However, some passengers tend to come looking for a ride once you have made it to your destination, or stick along for the ride so they don’t have to take their own car. In other words, they are there for their own personal gain.

This week, I challenge all of you following your dreams or thinking of following your dreams to see who’s in your car: a rider or a passenger? This journey is not an easy or swift one, and if you have someone along for the ride with you, make sure they support you 100% , will be patient with you,  will endure with you, and will believe with you- make sure you have a rider. Know the difference, today!  Remember, you don’t have to be average, you can be extraordinary. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be diamond.

Happy Valentine’s Day!







15 thoughts on “Rider or Passenger? Know the Difference

  1. Thank you for posting, you both look so happy together I hope you make it through together, love to you both. You can make it if you try, having someone with you who believes in you and will support you, that’s amazing.


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