Ebony Queen

Ebony Queen;
Her Beauty sweet like a summer's eve
Her skin glistens like a starry night
Her soul burns with a passion deep

She stands alone, her back to the world
A taste of wisdom with each word she speaks
Natural power inscribed in her spirit
O how black and beautiful is she

Ebony Queen;
In her eyes you can see a dream
Her motivation, strong and unwavering
The love in her heart sings like a melody

Her head looks toward the sky,
depending on God to guide her way
Solid and confident, she walks with grace
Leaving a path of hope and faith

Ebony Queen;
She carries on her grandmother's honor
Her mother's virtue and sparkling pride
Her ancestor's blood runs through her veins
The whispering voices of the wise

Ebony Queen;
A stature of elegance in God's own image
A momentous portrait of prayer and peace
Ebony, Ebony, beautiful Ebony
The Voice of Victory

-Kayla Skipper


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