Don’t Decorate Your Cage

While I was scrolling down my instagram, I ran across an interesting photo:

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When I saw this it really made me think- A cage if decorated is still a cage. What does that mean? Here are my thoughts:

Sometimes in life we are put in situations that we don’t like. We are stuck doing things and being involved in things that we feel like we have no control over, but have no choice but to do it. Whether it be a person, a job, or a living situation, we start to feel trapped.

Because we feel trapped and like we have no other options, we begin to settle for these bad situations. We begin to pretend that everything is great when it isn’t. We shift our mind to thinking that we are happy when we’re not. We begin to think that we’re satisified when we’re not. We begin to decorate our cage.

Today I am encouraging us not to decorate our cages. Dont settle for people, situations, jobs, lives, or whatever way our cage decides to manifest itself that we aren’t happy with or satisfied with. When we’re feeling trapped in our cages and like we have no choice but to settle, remember that the key to freedom lies within us. However, finding it starts with a decision. It’s a decision to believe we’re worth more. It’s decision to realize that we don’t have to settle for anything less than extraoridnary and amazing. It’s a decision to follow a dream, to pursue a goal. It’s a decision to be happy- it’s decison to be free.

Remember, you dont have to be average you can be extraordinary. You dont have to be a rock, you can be a diamond.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Decorate Your Cage

  1. Well said! I think it’s so easy to fall into that trap because the unknown is scary. It can be overwhelming when you realize you’re the only one truly standing in your way and that your options are limitless.

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